We are ever ready to get to the very core of your business by sharing our technical know-how in order to create a solution that brings about outstanding results and allows you to stay far ahead of others.

We provide the following unique services clients all over the world.

Software & Hardware Distribution

At Rainmaker, we ensure a strategic and tactical distribution channel consulting services to both well established and early-stage software & hardware firms. Our services can be enlisted for just a few weeks of "proper and intensive intervention" with an unstable or troubled channel business but we also provide long-term/ongoing, valuable advice or solutions. We do not provide "theoretical" advice; in our many years of existence we have established and adjusted distribution strategies such as distributors, OEMs, Retailers, VARs, independent reps and non-traditional channels cutting across all parts of the world. We have worked and operated in a large range of products, technologies, markets and price points, including SaaS, traditionally licensed, consumer, enterprise and more.

Our professionals covers the whole IT solution ecosystem assisting vendors and enterprises to unravel the advantages of connected devices.

  • Learning manage management systems
  • E-learning portals
  • Mobile learning
  • Authoring tools
  • Hybrid solutions beyond E-learning
  • Online course integration.

Customised Software Development

Minimizing your Headaches and Maximizing Results

When the question of customised software comes up, many organizations are searching for partners to help in eradicating risk, control time to market and assist with web product development. This issue applies to start-ups and even well-established firms.

In today’s growing market environment, firms like yours can’t risk making the wrong choice when choosing a development partner. Your software product is just too precious to let just anyone handle it. To gain your trust, your anticipated partner will need to exhibit an extremity of technical leadership and prowess including technical competence, a strong and hitch free process, and a way of properly sharing ownership and responsibility.

We have displayed our competence with various numbers of companies, from familiar names to beginners. Our senior workers have years of experience working on custom applications for customers in different regions of the world to create mind-blowing and fantastic products. We have the facilities, installations, services and processes needed to quickly put together a dedicated and trusted team or crew that can aid the complete tailor-made software phase for you - ranging from conceptualization to development and support - across different and multiple product lines.

Our Custom Software Development Services Includes the following:

  • Technology researching and selection
  • Software design process
  • Specification and mock-ups
  • How to create Prototype and development
  • Component design process and integration
  • QA and testing skills
  • Performance engineering
  • Customization and enhancement
  • Deployment
  • Support and maintenance
  • Porting and migration

Foreign Investment Facilitation

We definitely understand that doing Business in a new environment can be at times difficult and challenging, so therefore, we have generated a Customized Foreign Investment Facilitation service to assist you in setting up and start doing business in the most efficient, reliable and in the Shortest Time Possible.

We make use our professionalism, expertise and years of adequate experience in making things easy for you as a Foreigner or Expatriate to Set up and get all the relevant and required Government Investment Licenses, authorizations and permits.

Without doubts, we know the different benefits which Foreign investors bring to our Country and Region, We do our very best to make investing simple and swift by assisting you to evade the apparent red tape processes in the acquisition of the relevant and useful documentation.

With our help, you are able to focus without distractions on Pursuing and Implementing your Investment idea why we handle or take care of the License Processing Paperwork, Correspondence and Schedule for Appointments with the relevant and appropriate Government Agencies on your behalf.